Hardware warranty

  • Checking the e-scooter
  • Components of Ecooter
    The following parts cannot operate normally and are caused by natural reason,
    - Motor - Controller - Converter
    - Dashboard - Charger - Steering Handle
    - Shock Absorption - Alarm - Principal Wire Bundle
    - Headlight - Front True Signal Lamp - Parties Ass.-Rear Lamp
    - Honk - Lock Set - Twist Grip
    The following parts cannot operate normally and are caused by natural reason or the power is less than 50% when it is full power,
    - Battery

Warranty Plan

Standard Warranty Extend Warranty
Ecooter Component warranty 12 month 24 month
Sim card 12 month 24 month
Times of Checking e-scooter 2 times 4 times

Warranty Coverage

  • This product must be represented by Hong Kong Juhui Trading Limited;
  • The started date of warranty is from the day of getting Vehicle Registration Document . Customers must keep the receipt and warranty terms for records;
  • Warranty includes parts which component cannot operate normally and are caused by natural reason, If the required parts cannot be repaired or replaced due to the suspension of production or other reasons, we reserve the right to substitute products of similar level.

Warranty period

  • 1 years or first 30000 Kilometer(as long as it comes first).
  • You can purchase extend warranty, the longest is two years.

Warranty Price

First year    $  0

Second year    $  1,800

You don’t need to pay other additional costs within warranty except the fee of the extended-year warranty plan, the assembly and disassembly labor costs incurred by professional staff, and the cost of component shipping.Also, you don’t need to pay additional fees for terminating this agreement, unless you have accepted the company's services before terminating.

Purchasing way

  • You can purchase extend warranty within purchasing a new e-scooter,
  • Or purchasing extend warranty within7 days of purchasing a new e-scooter,
  • You need to go to Ecooter store for purchasing. (We will do the checking of your e-scooter which is not damaged and you need to provide the receipt.)

Repair process

When your e-scooter of cannot operate normally and are caused by natural reason, You can call

+852 3598-2007

+852 6157-6668

for consultation, under the guidance of customer service, you need to take back your e-scooter to the maintenance place for repairing.

Replacement process

In replacement process, we will try to repair, if not success then we will replace that.
If the new e-scooter of Ecooter get any problem during the warranty period, after we check that the problem which cannot operate normally is from natural reason by us, we will try to repair, if not success then we will replace that. All components of replacement belong to us


The warranty does not cover the following siuation:

  • For any reason (including accidents): man-caused damage, bumps, Damage caused by improper installation or operation.;
  • Repairing on the third party which is not part with us, its results defects, failures, abnormalities, damages or similar situations;
  • Changing the settings by self-reconstruction, disassembly, and installation of equipment;
  • Failure of operation caused by improper voltage input;
  • Damage caused by force majeure, such as bad, fault, abnormal, damaged or similar situations caused by natural disasters, earth changes, accidents, accidents, wars, resistance and human force majeure events;
  • Defects, failures, abnormalities, damages or similar situations caused by parts outside of Ecooter's factory, specifications inconsistent or specified specifications, grades;
  • Defects, malfunctions, abnormalities, damages or similar situations caused by performances, drag racing and drive under special road conditions that are not ordinary driving;
  • For business or commercial or rental and other occasions;
  • Arbitrarily changing, canceling and removing barcodes, parts or accessories;
  • The maintenance seal is damaged, removed or changed, or the warranty identification mark is torn or damaged so that it cannot be identified;
  • Those who are not satisfied with the quality of the product themselves, such as: dissatisfied with the product color, appearance, shape, etc.;
  • At the same time, we will not take responsible for other indirect losses, costs and other incidental damages caused by the quality of this product, including but not limited to information loss, loss of expected profits, etc.;
  • Damage caused by immersion in water;
  • Defects, malfunctions, abnormalities, damages or similar circumstances caused by delayed repairs or delayed claims of warranty content have expanded or worsened;
  • The customer does not provide a valid product maintenance label and purchase invoice/receipt;
  • In case of any dispute, we reserve the right of final decision.

Additional Fee

  • Compensation for expenses or losses caused by repairs during the warranty period (For example: towing crane fee, transportation fee, car rental fee, communication fee, freight, and rest payment, etc.).
  • Shipping cost for replacement of components of original equipment manufacturer during the warranty period.

Applicable Area

The warranty is applicable only in Hong Kong.

Warranty Implementation

  • For the implementation of warranty, the station of repair designated by us.
  • The purchase certificate, vehicle registration document and warranty certificate must be brought with you during warranty.

Warranty Termination

The warranty validity period stipulated in this agreement which has been reached and has not been extended.

Return and Transfer

  • The warranty you purchased has a cooling-off period of7 days, You can withdraw from the warranty within 7 days, We will refund all the charges of the plan. You cannot return after 7 days.
  • This warranty can be transferred to others, After the owner of the vehicle registration document of e-scooter has changed, the new owner of e-scooter will automatically enjoy the remaining time of warranty.
  • After transferring the warranty, You and the new owner are responsible for providing the latest info

Date Protection

Before you apply for warranty, please read the Juhui Privacy Policy carefully. Once you apply for warranty, it means that you have read, agreed and abide by the privacy policy. You agree to provide your name, email, location, phone number, fax number, and ID number to us, so that we can contact you and confirm your identity.

Terms statement

  • HK Juhui Trading Limited reserves the right to change or modify the warranty terms of Ecooter parts at any time without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, HK Juhui Trading Limited reserves the right of final decision.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the warranty plan for details.